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When we say
no limits, we mean it

The absence of restrictions makes it possible to work more efficiently with the user data structure.

Any number of
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Strokes in reports
  • Diagrams in a one workspace
  • Metrics per diagramm
  • Time periods to compare
  • Metrics (columns) in a data table
  • Nesting levels of all types
  • Parameters in nesting levels of all kind
  • Projects, web resources, views and users
  • Parameters in multiparameter tables
  • Opened inner tabs
  • Data filtering rules
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And even...
Custom dimensions
and metrics
Custom dimensions
and metrics
  • Custom dimensions by URL
  • Custom dimensions from integrated systems
  • Any combination of dimensions
  • Calculated metrics
  • User-calculated metrics created based on unlimited number of existing metrics
Custom segments
and groups
Custom segments
and groups
  • Any time periods and parameters for creating segments
  • “And/or” connections between segment conditions
  • Custom segment groups directly in the report and dashboard interfaces
  • Segment and segment-group usage in linear and cascading nesting
and groups
and groups
  • Target pages, events and triggers for goals
  • Grouping and regrouping of goals
  • Creating custom groups of goals in the report and dashboard interfaces
Raw data without
sampling in five minutes

Data coming into the system is not subject to forced sampling and editing, so analytical research in Smart Analytics is free from errors in this aspect. Raw data can be exported.

Data arrives in
just five minutes
Raw data displayed
in the interface
No data
Direct SQL requests
and export to Excel

Smart Analytics has linear and cascading nesting levels as well as multiparameter tables. All these data segmentation tools can be combined.

  • Linear and cascading nesting levels operating at the same time
  • Nesting levels in multiparameter tables
  • Nesting level order changed by drag-and-drop
  • Segments and segment groups in nesting levels of all kinds
  • Nesting levels based on temporary custom groups of segments created in the report and dashboard interfaces
  • Visualization of linear and cascading nesting levels on all types of diagrams
Lots of flexible
visualization tools

Smart Analytics works with charts from BI systems, which are made specifically for data visualization, without the drawback of creating links between analytics and visualization systems.

10 types of diagrams and hundreds ways of usage...
Functionality first
  • Automatic selection of significant dynamic data
  • Visualization of linear and cascading nesting levels
  • Data filtering for visualizations
  • Manual selection of data to be shown on diagrams
  • Grouped diagrams
  • Drag-and-drop controls
Single workspace for multiple tasks
  • Multiple diagrams on any workspace
  • Multiple metrics on any diagram
  • Multiple time ranges on any diagram
  • Diagrams from different reports on any workspace and the ability to make any changes in data tables without leaving the dashboard
Customizable diagrams
  • Transparency
  • Line thickness
  • Manipulation of dots on charts
  • Distance between sectors and bars
  • Capacity to hide headings, legends and data labels
Extended time
range comparison

Smart Analytics allows you to fully work with any number of time ranges at the same time. They can be both isolated or intersecting.

  • Any number of comparable time periods
  • Intersection of time ranges
  • Unique time ranges for specific diagrams in dashboards
Easy-to-learn and
quick-use interface

An intuitive system with an interface that is not excessively weighed down. Its extensive functionality is a huge advantage.

  • Self-sufficiency of report and dashboard interfaces
  • Clean yet functional interface
  • No endless array of dialog windows or additional interfaces
  • Access to 80% of all settings from reports and dashboards
  • Interface elements may be hidden
  • Nested tabs make browsing 2.5 times faster than with browsers
  • Automatic new tab creation function saves any changes you’ve made when you switch between inner pages
  • Automatic page refresh after any setting changes are made
Find out more
about your

Smart Analytics works with user data that is held in the user reports. It is possible to use as a dimension User ID or Visit ID, and you may also pull any available information about users in the columns of the statistical data table.

  • Unrestricted user data analysis
  • User data visualization
  • Automatic user data actualization with Google database
of data filtering

Filtering functions can be used separately or together for the most accurate adjustment of the analyzed segment.

  • Fast search through displayed lines in a data table by full or partial matches of segment names
  • Advanced filtering:
  • By linear nesting level dimension
  • By multiple metrics
  • Linear and cascading nesting levels remain in filtered range
  • Filtering for visualizations
  • Inclusion/exclusion of specific data lines with just a few clicks
  • Display of changes on diagrams
  • Simultaneous use of all filtering methods
enhance your marketing
with boundless opportunities
of end-to-end business analytics