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Unlimited analytics
With Smart Analytics, there’s no need to worry about restrictions. You can add an unlimited number of reports, data, dashboards, projects, web resources and views.

Any number of charts, segments, segment groups, goals and goal groups are available. Combine all these functions as you like.

Wide range of custom tools
Dimensions and

Build a truly customized data structure by adding any metric calculated from any number of existing metrics. Dimensions are loaded automatically from integrated systems, and you can easily add your own dimensions by putting in custom markers to your links. Enjoy using dimensions and metrics without restrictions or conditions placed on segmentation depth.

Custom segments
and groups

Create and group an unlimited number of custom segments, combining any dimensions and time ranges without restrictions. Change groups for already created segments with a simple drag-and-drop on the segment’s page. Create individual custom groups for segments directly in the report or dashboard interface, even if they are in different groups.

Goals and groups

Set goals in detail: add target pages, events and triggers. Create as many goals as you want and group them together to measure overall performance. Add custom groupings directly in the report or dashboard interface.

and quickly accessed data
in the interface
Access raw and non-sampled data in real time with a delay of only five minutes

Work with data as you wish directly in the interface. Exporting into Excel and SQL queries are also possible if you find something that can’t be done in Smart (but we doubt you’ll ever have that problem!).

Dig deeper with
three segmentation
tools at once

Use linear nesting levels and cascading levels at the same time even if you are working with a multiparameter table. Visualize segments of any type on an unlimited number of charts. Change the order and composition of nesting levels without leaving the report interface. Manage everything with just a couple of clicks.

Incredible freedom
of visualization

Visualize anything with more than 10 types of full-fledged charts and no need for additional links or interfaces. Display as many charts as you want on a single workspace and as many metrics as you want per chart. Visualize data from cascading and linear nesting levels and even combinations of such data.

Multiple time
period comparisons

Pick any number of time periods and compare any of their metrics without restrictions. Visualize data of time period segments on all types of charts with just a couple of clicks. Choose different time periods for different charts in dashboards.

Intuitive yet
functional interface
Smart Analytics has a very simple, clean interface

It just takes a few minutes to become familiar with the interface even if you have never worked with analysis platforms before. Extensive functionality is combined with incredible simplicity and a reduced number of inner pages of settings. Look at data in one workspace without having to browse through sections, pages and menu items.

Fast and safe
nested tabs

Navigate 2.5 times faster with no need to wait for web pages to load. Work with any number of reports at the same time. You won’t lose unsaved changes by accidentally clicking on the wrong place, because Smart will automatically open a new page in a new nested tab. Create a new report from anywhere in the system simply by opening a new tab.

Full functionality
and user-centric

Look at visitor data and conduct user-centric research directly in reports with a full list of features. Visualize any slices in one workspace using dashboards. Work with all nesting types to find the most complex patterns.

Multiple attribution

Change attribution models directly in the report interface. Evaluate the effectiveness in the context of the entire list of metrics and dimensions. Correctly evaluate results even if the trade cycle exceeds 90 days, offering an unlimited retrospective review.


Filter data in tables by any number of dimensions, do a quick search and exclude specific rows with just a few clicks. Observe changes in charts immediately after applying the filters. Combine advanced filtering by dimensions, metrics and quick search by name with the ability to include/exclude specific rows without strict limitations.

Enhance your marketing
with the boundless opportunities
of end-to-end business analytics